When the wait becomes child’s play!

The interactive solution
to manage children’s waiting time in your shop!

Have you ever had customers cut their visit short due to restless children?
Activ’screen® presents Activ’screen® Junior Kid Kiosk, an interactive, ready-to-use solution, conceived to manage the waiting time of children, starting from 3 years old.

Our interactive Kid Kiosk is adapted to all businesses that need waiting time management: opticians, pharmacies, travel agencies, restaurants, car dealerships, banks, administrative services…

Activ’screen® Junior’s Kid Kiosk is a compact plug & play solution!
You can create your children’s area in a few minutes!

A multi-touch
18.5″ screen

Several games levels
Starting from 3 years of age


Propose educational games specific to your activity
Keep the children occupied to free the parents
Make them aware of the important parts of your activity

      Learn whilst having fun

      Activ’screen® Junior can be adapted to your business sector by proposing a fun-learning solution related to your environment.

      At the optician’s for example, the Kid Kiosk can entertain children as well as make the concept of wearing glasses more entertaining: The kids can virtually try on different frames, learn the importance of protecting themselves from the sun and have fun with a series of games.
      In multiplayer mode, Activ’screen® Junior can occupy several children at the same time!

      • Puzzle
      • Protect your Eyes
      • Cosmic'Bubbles, Battle mode
      • English cards
      • Illusions
      • Spot The Differences

      Fun and attractive design!

      Available in 2 colors, Activ’screen® Junior can be perfectly integrated into your shop.
      Equipped with LED lights, the Kid Kiosk is lit up, and creates a harmonious and convivial kids’ corner!
      You can personalize your Kid Kiosk by opting for a made-to-measure cover adapted to your shop, or by choosing
      one or several of our themed covers:

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